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Susie Hathaway"In 24 billable hours, the Newsletter Gal made a perfect newsletter and Wordpress website for me, and she taught me how to update them myself. She responds promptly when I need help. It was well worth the money because it moved my business forward to the next level with an Internet presence. I love getting responses from my clients and prospects!" - Susie Hathaway, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer,

Sam Katz"The only mistake we made with Lee Starshine was to ever think that we don't need her to proofread our email blasts or ezines. She has an uncanny ability to find the mistakes that other editors and proofers cannot. And she has an extraordinary technical ability to understand sometimes complex server and email systems and make everything work. Working with Lee is a delight. She has saved us many times. It is a great comfort to know we have her in our corner at the last minute." - Dr. Sam Katz, Non-profit Director

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Kate McGuinness"Lee Starshine is a treasure! I'm almost reluctant to spread the news about her high-quality services because I don't want to share her time. Fortunately for all of us, she has a talented team supporting her. An unusual combination, Lee provides both superb technical knowledge and strategic advice on Internet marketing. I've worked with Los Angeles professionals before, and Lee beats them hands down." - Kate McGuinness, Women's Rights Writer and Author of Terminal Ambition.


Pari Forood"Lee Starshine designs beautiful, informative and creative e-newsletters. We provide her with the information and other background materials and she designs a provocative and compelling document. She takes that extra step to research images and material on her own without our prompting, surprising us with an even better product than we imagined." - Pari Forood, Executive Director, Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation

"Hiring Lee Starshine has been one of the best things I have ever done in business. With Lee, my web presence and my e-newsletter have both been wonderfully successful. My e-newsletter provides valuable information to my readers, and this helps me retain clients. Lee archives my articles on my website, and each individual article gets indexed. This helps my website's search engine rankings. Lee is an utter genius in everything computerese—without her, I would probably still be plucking my banjo singing "Nobody Knows the Troubles I Seen." I cannot imagine a more perfect editor, writer, computer guru, and newsletter creator. She will, most likely, make you money on the web if you give her a chance!" - J.L., Consultant


"Lee established a blog on our website using Blogger, conforming to our website's styles. She used HTML to turn a basic Blogger template into an attractive, professional tool that we use constantly. She also made several dozen posts, added images and created labels. This helps our search engine optimization and serves subscribers to our RSS feed. Thank you, Lee!" - Sol Waksman, president, BarclayHedge


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