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Email Newsletters - One of the best ways to reach your clients and prospects is through email newsletters. If you have one, are you sure it is effective? Would you like to publish more frequently? Make sure each issue develops your relationship with your market by hiring the Newsletter Gal. Quick turnaround time. See samples. Call 641.209.9599 or sign up for a free quote.

Opt-in Email Marketing - An email blast is the quickest and cheapest way to invite your customers to spend money at your business. The Newsletter Gal can teach you how to avoid legal trouble, get the emails into the In box, help get the emails opened, and project the right message to get results. Note: List cleaning services are no longer offered.


Websites and Blogs - Need a new website? Is your old website embarrassing? The Newsletter Gal offers website setup, re-design, web text, images, blogs and more. See website samples. Call 641.209.9599 or sign up for a free quote.

Writing and editing

Social Media - Facebook setup, Facebook timeline cover image and social media advice.

Writing and editing

Writing and Editing - For perfectly professional text, let Lee Starshine help you. Call 641.209.9599 or sign up for a free quote.

Guarantee: The Newsletter Gal will issue refunds only for the portion of work that a client finds unsatisfactory, or when a product/service is discontinued and cannot be fulfilled.

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